Volunteers’ Week 2022

Today sees the start of Volunteers’ Week 2022 (1st – 7th June).

The last couple of years have really highlighted the vital role volunteers play across Surrey. This week, at The Loop, we want to salute volunteers, raise awareness of the great impact they make on our community and recognise the vital support that they give to charities.

Over the course of the week we will look to inspire others to volunteer in the future by sharing many of the varied volunteering opportunities that there are out there on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, to get the ball rolling on Volunteers Week, today it’s all about saying thanks!

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers in Surrey helping the many diverse charities and voluntary organisations. Thank you for your support, your dedication and your kindness.

A special mention and word of thanks to The Loop’s volunteer trustees for sharing their precious time and their considerable skills to help The Loop achieve it’s aims. Thank you Matthew, Jenny, Tania, Louise and Bridgit.

A huge, sincere expression of gratitude to The Loop’s very own TEAM of volunteers for helping out and supporting on various events over the past year. The Loop occasionally needs volunteers for one-off events, not just on events organised by The Loop but also supporting events run by other charities. If you’d like to join The Loop’s TEAM please do get in touch.