Trustees Week | Meet Matt

It’s Trustees Week, 7th – 11th November, and at The Loop we’re celebrating by thanking our trusty Trustees!

Today it’s the turn of The Loop Founder, Chairman and Handyman Matt!

Your career in a few words
Probably quite good but I never look at it like that, more good, bad and ugly.

What are your hobbies and interests?
Buying things I have little use for, mainly old furniture and paintings. Watching videos of sports I am too old, unfit or too scared to do. Fishing and pop music.

What do you love about The Loop and why did you agree to become a trustee?
It is such a positive concept born from a very difficult time that was the pandemic. The Loop harnesses all the good and giving that was seen and felt during Covid and put to a real use helping others and oneself.

Something many don’t know about you
I can’t cope with eating jellied eels or boiled pig trotters.

What makes you happy?
Everyone else being happy and catching a wave.

Your favourite place
Lola’s on Avellana Beach, Costa Rica.

Red sauce, brown sauce, or no sauce at all on a sausage sandwich?
Tomato sauce all the way!