Tour de Pêche / Music Memories x The Loop

Yesterday a very special presentation took place at The Duke of Wellington! Sian and Joe, the dynamic duo who pedalled all the way to Paris and back, presented Matthew Kalupka, the Chairman of The Loop, with a huge cheque worthy of the huge amount of money that was raised by the Tour de Pêche.

The money will fund a Dementia Music Therapy Group, Music Memories, that will be starting on 1st November at St Martin’s Church, East Horsley.

To make a referral to join the group or for more information please contact Ingrid at The Loop.
Email: hello@theloop.org.uk
Telephone: 01483 964638

Thank you and well done Sian and Joe, for all of your hard work and fantastic fundraising with the Tour de Pêche, to bring Music Memories to fruition.

And also a big, big thank you to the local community for really getting behind and supporting this project.

Thank you Print Clarity, fellow members of BNI Weybridge, where The Loop are charity member of the year, for so kindly printing the giant cheque and generously donating your services.