Tour de Pêche | Gaining Momentum

Sian and Joe, from the Duke of Wellington pub in East Horsley, are going on an epic bike ride, to Paris (and back!) in May, to raise funds to set up a fun and stimulating Intergenerational Music Group in conjunction with The Loop.

As Sian and Joe’s training programme gathers momentum so does the Tour de Pêche fundraising!

Having smashed the 25% barrier they are heading towards the 50% mark of their ambitious fundraising target. Check out the donations that have been coming in to date on the Tour de Pêche Justgiving page.

Their dedicated training can be followed on the Tour de Pêche Facebook Group.

The creatives at Peach Pubs (the Duke of Wellington is a peachy pub), have designed a logo for the charity ride which will adorn the cyclists’ jerseys. There will be space on the jerseys for sponsorship! Any local businesses who are interested in backing this local community initiative should get in touch with Ingrid at The Loop.

As the departure date, destination Paris (and back!), draws closer, a fundraising Silent Auction is going to be held at the Duke of Wellington on Thursday 21st April from 6pm onwards.