Guildford Young Carers Family Fun Day

A team of volunteers from The Loop were supporting and helping out at this year’s Guildford Young Carers Family Fun Day last Saturday.

The event was a welcome break from daily caring responsibilities for the young carers and gave them a few hours of much-needed freedom to be a child, which can be a rare opportunity for those caring for their siblings, parents or other relatives.

Guildford Young Carers was set up by former Mayor of Guildford Mike Parsons with the Community Foundation for Surrey and Guildford Philanthropy to create a lasting resource specifically to support the opportunities and well-being of young carers within the borough of Guildford.

The Guildford Young Carers Fund awards grants to support young carers in the borough of Guildford. These grants support young carers by providing services or equipment that will help them with their educational, emotional and social needs.

Young carers play a vital and underappreciated role in the borough, with estimates suggesting as many as 8% of children aged 5 to 18 locally act as carers for a family member.

Thank you Danni, Carol and Bridgit for volunteering for The Loop and helping out and sharing your skills on the knitting and planting activity workshops.