The Loop - Founders Matthew and Lucinda Kalupka


The Loop was established to help and support local care charities and voluntary groups in Surrey. By promoting the work of these organisations The Loop brings them to the attention of the local community, giving them exposure to volunteers and charitable donors.

The charity was founded in 2021 by Lucinda and Matthew Kalupka, who, 10 years previously, had established Home Counties Carers, an award winning, local, family run homecare company. For Lucinda and Matthew one positive that had shone out of the coronavirus pandemic, with social care in the public eye, was the number of people who wanted to ‘give back’ and get involved with supporting others. However many people didn’t know how, who or where to help. The pandemic identified a community spirit for giving which must be harnessed. This is what triggered The Loop, a charity that loops local care charities and voluntary organisations together with people who want to give their time, energy, help and perhaps even money!

Ingrid Clift

Ingrid Clift is the beating heart and the driving force behind The Loop. In 2008 Ingrid and her husband left their families in South Africa for a new life in the UK. Needing work Ingrid fell into the care sector, not something that she had envisaged,  however she soon caught the care bug.

Following a rewarding stint as a live in carer she went on to work at the Orpheus Centre, an inspiring performing arts college for young adults with disabilities. From there she joined Home Counties Carers. Ingrid played an integral role in helping to build the business, making Home Counties Carers one of the first independent companies to be rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

In 2017 Ingrid set up Blankets Without Borders, a community knitting initiative, which started out by producing blankets to donate to local organisations rehousing homeless people. The initiative has really mushroomed with hundreds of volunteers producing knitted wares for a whole variety of local organisations and elderly individuals in the community.

Through community connections and social media Ingrid and The Loop’s team of volunteers are talking to local charities, understanding their needs, and coming up with fun and different events to give them exposure. These events will give those local people wanting to give back the opportunity to get involved and help in their local community. Thus joining the loop!

For social care to grow and flourish requires the help of the community. If we don’t begin to actively help and support charities that underpin the care sector, and change the face of care from the inside out, the sector will fail, and Ingrid isn’t going to let that happen on her watch!

Through The Loop, together, we look to inspire the community to care and to connect local volunteers and resources with local charities who need the visibility and support.